Route: Robert Frost Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US
42.7 mi
Vertical Gain
6,430 ft

Continuous 40 mile trail near Amherst, MA, from Wendell State Park to the Notch Visitor Center (off Hwy 116).

Note that this guide indicates that the trail extends another 6.5 miles to Hwy 47:  But the route appears tentative, incomplete and poorly marked (not marked with the orange blazes of the rest of the route).  At present it seems more like an idea than an actual extension of the RFT.

As of autumn 2022 the aditional miles have been finished and marked. There are therefore both 40 and 46 miles miles variations now, one way and out and back.



Ran it today in 7:57, not quite what I hoped but a great route. My friend actually set the female self supported FKT finishing in 9:10. She started five minutes after me to avoid any complications with the verification. 

Also definitely read Dan Grips notes and I’d recommend running the section from Pratt Corner Rd (around mile 26) to Harris Mountain Rd once before attempting as there are a lot of turns that don’t have obvious marking. 

Since the last section of the trail is now complete it is possible to run the longer route. The shorter versions has been kepts as well. Route has been updated and first FKT on the longer route been approved.

Cheers Torben.