FKT: Colleen Chase - Robert Frost Trail (MA) - 2022-11-13

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 20m 28s
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Back again for another run of the RFT - southbound (Wendell State Forest Headquarters parking lot to Notch Visitors Center parking lot). Started at 8:10am. Trail conditions were pretty wet & leafy, and the day was typical mid-November weather - temps in the mid-40s, overcast with rain in the morning that cleared up in the afternoon. Supported effort thanks to my husband (John) and dad (Roger). They were at a few road crossings, met me about halfway (at the Atkins Reservoir) with water and gels to refill pack, and John met me at Bay Rd crossing to run the remainder in with me. Just one short backtrack after a minor overshoot of the trail entrance in the neighborhoods. Trail was in solid condition overall, although some pretty unavoidable flooded sections once off Station Farm Rd into Lawrence Swamp (squishy shoes).

Very grateful for another positive experience on the RFT! Fortunate to have such a great local trail to explore on & pursue challenges on. :)