FKT: Connie Lo - Goat Lake Loop Trail (Snowgrass Flats) - 2021-08-22

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6h 40m 32s
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My partner and I originally had plans to do an overnight backpacking trip on this loop. We then decided to do the loop in one day, since the trail seemed crowded and the weather was cloudy, slightly windy, and had some mild rain. My partner carried most of our food/water and we hiked together (I did not submit him for a mixed gender team because he does not have a GPS tracking device). The weather stayed cool and got pretty chilly at higher altitude and around the lake. We took a short break at the lake to eat. We did not need to refill the water we had brought along with us. The scenery was excellent! I would like to run the route this summer again for a faster time and resubmit!