FKT: Cordis Hall - Longs Peak (CO) - 2019-08-14

Route variation
car-to-car, standard Keyhole Route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 56m 32s

0:25:12 Chasm Junction
1:26:59 Keyhole
1:52:16 Summit
2:09:16 Keyhole
2:33:57 Chasm Junction
2:56:32 TH (1:04:16 descent)

I definitely think this record could probably go in the high 2:30's. Anton split a 2:44, but he sat on the summit for 20 to 30 minutes. Really though, I think it's pretty obvious that when he split ~1:40 to the summit he was in *way* better running form than I am now or ever have been. I was hoping for sub 1:50, but 1:52 is good enough. Good to work on my greatest weakness today: running uphill on runnable terrain. Those stone steps 6ft apart are merciless! That's like where Sage obliterated my time to the keyhole. Maybe sage and I need to have a training camp where I teach him how to rage third class and he teaches me how to run fast up hill haha. The happy medium would probably be Smith? Fun morning up high!

I think this is the first moving time sub-3hrs, which is somewhat hard to believe given the volume of incredible runners living within 60 minutes of Longs, but hey, maybe this the record for this route?

Also -- beyond the keyhole was so easy, hadn't been on that route in 5 years w/o crampons or kyle rolling a washing machine sized rock down the trough at me while we delicately jogged down the ice.