FKT: Corin Kwasnik - MA Appalachian Trail (MA) - 2021-06-19

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Standard route
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1d 1h 30m 24s

What a wild night it was. I decided to try and break the MA Appalachian record and did so in just over 45 minutes running NOBO (standard route). My bag weighed 21lb from the start, which was a little heavier than I wanted but I knew I was going to need the extra food and water for this big journey. My goal was to break 24 hours and I was on pace to do so as I ran the first 23 miles in 5 hours. I wanted to start out strong for the first 45 miles and then maintain a steady pace for the second half. The trails were packed during the daylight, but at night it was just me and the animals. I spooked a bear at one point, followed a racoon on the trail, saw a lot of snakes and frogs, and listened to a couple coyotes throughout the long night. The 80 degree temps and sun started to get to me and I hit a big wall at mile 65, so I started to feel sick from the heat exhaustion and I decided to lay down and sleep for 45 minutes. I woke up at about 3:30am and looked at my watch and saw that I had 22 mile to go. I thought about quitting at mile 70 when I reached Cheshire, just prior to the big 7 mile ascent up Mount Greylock, but I knew if I could power through Mount Greylock, then I could suffer the last 10-11 miles to the MA-VT border. Going up Greylock was slow and painful, but it was even more painful making the 6 mile decent down the backside of Greylock and then making a final 4 mile ascent from route 2 to the MA-VT border. And of course, the big run wouldn't be complete without a 3.5 mile hike out on Pine Cobble trail to the parking lot. Every step I took on the hike out hurt as I didn't eat since mile 60 and taking in fluids was also very difficult for the last 25 miles. Overall, I am happy with the accomplishment but there will always be room for improvement.