Route: MA Appalachian Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US
90 mi
Vertical Gain
20,000 ft

The Appalachian Trail travels 90 miles in Massachusetts as the trail winds through the Berkshires. The trail passes over the highest point in the state at Mount Greylock with an elevation of 3491 feet. The trail travels over hills, valleys and through towns and hamlets of the Berkshires. The AT passes through the towns of Dalton and Cheshire.

You'll find a number of memorable places along the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts including Sages Ravine, Race Mountain, Mount Everett, Jug End, Housatonic River, East Mountain, Benedict Pond, The Ledges, Upper Goose Pond, Beckett Mountain, Finerty Pond, Bald Top, Warner Mountain, Gore Pond, The Cobbles, Saddle Ball Mountain, Mount Greylock and Eph's Lookout. You'll find blueberries in season near Becket.

GPS Track
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I am consider an attempt this summer.  Do I need to replicate the route Derek and Tiago documented in their strava post, including the short hike up from Williamstown to the start of the Long Trail and the short hike out of Sage's Ravine onto Mt. Washington Rd?  Or, can I start my watch at the border?

On the CT section of the AT, and I’d assume on most sections, what counts is your time from border crossing to border crossing. So you could start the watch at those big Vermont signs and end it at the CT/MA border, which is strangely a bit further south than the Sages Ravine Brook crossing where the “CT:MA” sign is. I hope this helps. I’m lookin’ at this one, too. 

did you go ahead with your plan this summer?? I'm going to do it in two weeks..

Not yet, but planning for solo unsupported attempt in a week.  Maybe I’ll see you out there.

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I'm going to do this route in two weeks time.  I'm going for the FKT female supported... GETTING EXCITED! 

My wife (Caitlin Howes and I- Jesse Howes) will be running SoBo this weekend starting June 5th at the MA/VT border and running south to Sages Ravine at the CT / MA state line. We will be attempting to set FKT for this section as a mixed gender team. We will be running unsupported and looking to complete this epic journey in 30 hours or less. We will provide garmin data and pictures of our journey when completed! 

I will be attempting the FKT for male supported this weekend. 

Caitlin Howes and I (Jesse Howes) will be taking a second attempt tomorrow . SOBO starting at 6 am - mixed Gender supported  attempt. Looking forward to the adventure and enjoying the journey- will report back Sunday after completion.

Done ! 32 hours 18 min 45 seconds from VT/MA border to the Sages Ravine crossing at CT/MA border.  Will submit data and write soon.