FKT: Courtney Olsen - Burke-Gilman Trail (WA) - 2023-10-14

Route variation
Golden Gardens Park to Blyth Park (or reverse)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 8m 55s
GPS track(s)

:In the final weeks of training for the ‘23 IAU 50K World Championships in Hyderabad, India. Wanted to do one of my last bigger sessions out of town - 4 mi warmup, 3x 4 miles at med-hard effort with 1/2 mi jogs between, 3 mi cooldown - and thought the BG would be great. Parked at Blythe & Uber’d to Golden Gardens for $56 (gross). Tried out that sloop Bicarb by Maurten prior to; it didn’t cause distress, but I didn’t notice a benefit, which makes its $16.25/serving unpalatable. The ground was slick and the crowds thick in UW/OR footsballs fans. Took in 3 gels & a bottle of water. Wore: Hoka Rocket X2’s and they were wonderful, save for the lack of tread against fresh wet ground, which causes a sort of micro slipping that builds fatigue in the hams & calves. Listened to: Okkervil River’s 2002 album - Don’t Fall in Love With Everyone You See. Thanks to Hoka, MM, Sloane & to this righteous & extensive PNW pathway.