FKT: Crystal McGee - Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) - 2020-10-31

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1d 4h 11m 26s
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I started at North Kaibab 3:38 am and ran to South Kaibab. I started with 2 other runners but dropped them around mile 14. I reached South Kiabab around 9:30am. I refilled my water and headed back. I passed many friends on the trail but mostly ran alone. I reached NK at 4pm and took a 30 minute refill, refuel, change clothes break. Headed back out with a pacer for the night. Stopped at phantom ranch for water so I wouldn’t have to stop at the top of SK and be tempted to quit. My pacer turned around about halfway up SK. The moon was so bright I turned off my light and reached the top around 11:30pm. I caught up with my pacer around the bottom of SK on the way down. We refilled water at BA campground but I ran out of food with about 10 miles to go. My husband hiked down NK and I met him around 5 miles from the top. He hiked/death marched with me the last few miles to the top of NK where I cried and shivered and couldn’t believe I was done! Amazing experience for sure!


Crystal McGee, you are an inspiration! Your story goes way beyond that actual FKT attempt. The obstacles that you conquered during the 2 weeks prior to the attempt were Incredible. It was an honor to spend the night (not seeing) in the canyon with you. You were strong and did an amazing job. You are a hero to me!!!