FKT: Daan Coenen - Dutch Mountain Trail (Netherlands) - 2023-10-28

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 25m 45s
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I ran the Dutch Mountain Trail. My aim time was 11 hours, but I managed to push and set a new course record time. I got help from my team with supplies during this run. The first stop being at 22 km's just before Vaals. The second one being in Gulpen at 50 km's. Then I got sick and puked at 52 km into the run. Managed to push until the third stop at around 75 km's. Unfortunately, the pond was not running because of the strong tide, so had to do a detour, but I was being put on the other side of the water. I paused the watch, but the time kept on rolling (to keep the attempt as fair as possible). I definitely lost a lot of time compared to the normal route via the pond but finally managed to finish strong in Maastricht.

What a fantastic route!