FKT: Damien Stewart - Biggest Badest Bestest Bits of Bullen - B5 - 2023-03-05

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Standard route
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Total time
9h 20m 10s

Let's do an FKT, they said. It will be fun!

Alright, so this was against a course I have been meaning to do for a while. However, I picked one of the hottest days in February, and also vastly underestimated the fuel needed for the day.

Managed body well for the first 25km. Refilled with water at a local park enroute, but then the heat was starting to take its toll. The last 15km of this route is over faint sections of trail, overgrown in areas with grass. Hard to get a rhythm going, and there were increasing breaks under shady trees to recover from slight dehydration. Nonetheless, have experienced this before and relied on those lessons learnt to drive forwards and get the job done. Looking forward to a future attempt in better (cooler!) conditions to reduce time further still.

Unsupported; refilled water on the way at public taps. Carried all food from the start.

Epic day out!!