FKT: Dan Grip - Mount Toby Loop (MA) - 2020-10-18

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2h 2m 25s
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The Mt Toby Range is a local favorite for runners and offers a great variety of terrain, elevation, and routing options. This loop goes around the whole thing with an out-and-back to the summit, which has a tower with a great 360 view of the "Happy Valley-North".

I consider this my home mountain and have been out there countless times. I found this loop to have a few odd choices but mostly gives a nice preview of the range. It is NOT easy to navigate, with a lot of unexpected turns, and I highly recommend using navigation to anyone doing this.  Especially if you're not familiar with it.  I even had to use navigation to stay with the route from the turn off RFT near Bull Hill Rd, all the way to Cross Mt Rd...and I consider myself a local expert! 

Conditions were a bit wet and muddy from all the recent rain. Streams were actually running for the first time since May I believe. Rocks were dry though, and footing was mostly good, except for some areas of deep leaves which slowed down some of my descents.

Special Note: There are two errors in the final paragraph of the route description. I recommend making edits. 1) You want to make a LEFT onto the Link Trail off of Middle Mountain Rd. A right will lead you back south, the wrong way.  2) You do NOT want to turn off of Sugar Farms Trail onto Bridle Path. The given route stays on the blue blazes of SFT all the way back to the orange of RFT. Taking Bridle Path will also get you back to RFT but probably adds a bit of extra vert and distance.