FKT: Dana Wood - Painted Post - Watkins Glen (NY) - 2020-03-07

Route Variation
one way
Finish Date
Time (duration)
14h 9m
GPS Tracks

Trip report from Strava:

I’ve wanted to run this route for almost two years. It’s all of section 1 of the Crystal Hills Trail, partial section 13 of the main FLT, and all of section 14. It links Painted Post and Watkins Glen using only the official Finger Lakes Trail. I SEVERELY underestimated conditions!! I knew we were getting fresh snow, but there was WAY more old snow than I expected underneath! Sometimes ice in between. I figured most of that stuff would have melted with the recent weather.

The high trudge factor led to me being out there WAY longer than I planned, which led to all sorts of problems. I wasn’t even going to take a headlamp!! THANK GOD I did!!!

I’m guessing I could shave at least 3 hours off this in dryer spring/summer/fall conditions with another unsupported attempt. A self-supported attempt would be fun too! There are lots of lean-to’s and dirt road crossings to stash your caches.



I’m going to make another attempt at this tomorrow (3/22), now that most all of the snow and ice should be gone. I hope to shave off at least 2 hours.