Route: Painted Post - Watkins Glen (NY)

New York, US
44.6 mi

Submitted by Dana Wood:

Connecting the towns of Painted Post (near Corning) and Watkins Glen via Crystal Hills Trail and Finger Lakes Trail.  From Painted Post, at the southern end of the CH1 section of the Crystal Hills Trail spur of the Finger Lakes Trail, traveling northbound until reaching the main FLT at the Moss Hill lean-to, and continuing on the M13 and M14 sections of the FLT until reaching Watkins Glen at the eastern end of the M14 section. About 44 miles, with 6500' of elevation gain.  There are many beautiful natural land and water features along this route, it runs through several State Parks and Forests, and ends by running down along the breathtaking Watkins Glen Gorge.

FLT maps may be accessed here: