FKT: Daniel Blanks - Great South West Walk (VIC, Australia) - 2022-04-19

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4d 9h 46m 0s
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Started an unsupported FKT attempt on the morning of the Friday 15th of April 2022. Finished up on the afternoon of the Tuesday the 19th of April 2022. Carried everything I used from the start to the end, except for water which I obtained from the water tanks. The original plan was to try for sub 4 days, but after day 2 that quickly changed to 5 days. So it's not the most competitive unsupported FKT for this route, but at least now there's a target for someone to beat!

There was a planned burn detour on the first day just before Fitzroy camp, however it seemed to be a pretty similar distance (maybe more?) than the proper track.