FKT: Daniel Podzimek - Friese Woudenpad (Netherlands) - 2020-12-04

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1d 13h 43m 20s
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It were typical cold winter days, with temperatures close to freezing point and some rough wind when entering the exposed Frisian fields, by this time soaked with mud and water. We had some rain along the route too. The nights were dark and long, the days very short (December), but the nature reserves were beautiful.  It was pretty difficult to stay warm with the combination of wind, rain and cold. The landscape was isolated, lonely and we mainly encountered wildlife (sheep, dogs, birds, horses, cows) as opposed to many people. The trail was completed in supported fashion. Erik Kemper joined from the night section onwards as pacer (the 46 km point, where we set up an aid station). There was a support car along the route for water and food supplies. Boyan van der Veen was part of the support crew and filmed some material for his planned documentary (about ultrarunning) too. The RV was parked at the 100 kilometer point for further supplies. Overall, the first half (+- 75km) went very smooth. After 90km it became more difficult to keep up the pace, which was caused by a combination of fatigue and cold. Overall, it was an amazing winter adventure in unforgiving landscape. I can really recommend the route! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the LAW 1-1. We used TrailDino as reference point, as well as the Dutch hiking book called: LAW 1-1. In a nutshell, a unforgettable experience with some memories that will last a lifetime.