FKT: Daniel Santana - Cuyahoga Valley National Park Traverse (OH) - 2021-06-16

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6h 38m 3s

Completed a traverse from north to south, from Bedford to Botzum, following the Buckeye trail the entire way. This differs from the previous FKT in a couple ways: taking Buckeye instead of Sagamore creek, taking Buckeye north of W Bath Rd, and continuing to the last trailhead in CVNP (Botzum trailhead). I also cleaned up a few minor deviations from the Buckeye trail on the previous FKT. Overall, this adds ~2-3 miles to the route with similar elevation profile, but cleans things up by using the Buckeye the whole way and traversing the entire park. The northern extent is the gate by the parking lot in Bedford, and the southern is the far trail sign at the Botzum trailhead immediately before the road crossing. My time to the previous finish location was 6 hr 29 min +/- ~15 seconds

Had a bit of a bumpy start with some car trouble driving to Bedford worrying me, but this was a cooler day given the hot weather recently and the trails were quite dry. All in all a good day. Didn't realize how tired my legs were feeling until the second stretch of tow path when there's not much else to think about.

Whole run done solo, unsupported—carried my food (gu's and clif bars) and water, filling up water at public fountains at Brecksville train station, Boston Mills, Peninsula, and Hunt Farm.

For pictures see the link to the Suunto activity


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Thank you for staying true to the Buckeye Trail which I believe was the original intent.  It was posted as such at first.