FKT: Danielle Snyder, Jameson Clover - Rogue River Trail (OR) - 2020-05-30

Route variation
One way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
7h 27m 24s
GPS track(s)

For Danielle’s 34th birthday we took on the Rogue River Trail point to point, 39.5 mile, supported female FKT. We left originally considering this an unsupported record, however, later looked more closely at the rules and realized having people run with us for some of the time would be considered supported. So therefore, we are submitting this attempted as a supported one.  Just 8 days prior Becky Grebosky set the first unsupported female record of 9:36. This was both mine and Danielle’s first time on the Rogue River Trail. Unfortunately, we caught a bad weather window and experienced significant rain for the second half. There was lots of rain and lightning the night prior and the forecast called for over an inch of rain on Saturday, May 30th. I don’t think we got quite that much, but it was definitely a wet run. And the reports of downed trees from both Becky and Tyler was still true, albeit for ‘only’ the last 4.5ish miles. Tyler’s report of death by a thousand cuts rang true although in a more literal way as the trail was overgrown with blackberries in multiple sections. Navigating the trail was straightforward and there were plenty of water sources along the way for refilling the bladder. We started at Graves Trailhead and finished at Big Ben in 7:27.