Route: Rogue River Trail (OR)

Oregon, US
38.2 mi

This 19-page US Forest Service booklet provides details, including a map and mile-by-mile description of the trail:

The Rogue River National Recreation Trail, stretching 40 miles between Grave Creek and Big Bend, offers some of southwestern Oregon’s most amazing landscapes and rewarding hiking experiences. The trail traverses the wild section of the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River along its entire length. In addition, the western 16 miles cross the Wild Rogue Wilderness. These national designations recognize and help protect the Rogue’s outstanding scenery, fisheries, and recreational resources for present and future generations. The trail and the river are co-managed by the Bureau of Land Management’s Medford District and the U.S. Forest Service’s Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

The Rogue River Trail follows the north bank of the river as it winds its way toward the Pacific Ocean. The eastern trailhead is at Grave Creek about 30 miles northwest of the city of Grants Pass. The western trailhead is at Big Bend near Foster Bar, about 35 miles upriver from the coastal town of Gold Beach. The Marial Trailhead and Rogue River Ranch provide access near the midpoint of the trail.

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Jace Hinesley and I will be setting a new Unsupported FKT record on the Rogue River Trail, starting at around 7am Saturday October 16th. We will each carry everything that we need and will only be filtering water from the river as needed. We are planning on completing the route around 6.5 hours! We ll both be using our GPS watches for data verification and will post a few photos. This is a beautiful route and should be worth a look for anyone interested in setting FKTs! We ll add details of what we will carry as the day gets closer, yeow!!

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Tomorrow, May 22, I hope to set a female unsupported FKT on the Rogue River National Recreation Trail, a 40 mile path traversing the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. I will start at 7am at Grave Creek and hopefully finish at Big Bend in under 10 hours. I’m excited to spend the day adventuring alone on one of my all-time favorite trails! I will use my GPS watch for data verification and will share some spectacular pictures tomorrow. 

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Going for a solo unsupported run here tomorrow morning! Going to be hot hot hot. Going to try and start before 5am. Low night temp of 68°, youch!