FKT: Danielle Snyder - Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR) - 2019-08-31

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9d 15h 8m 0s

Starting at CA/ORborder on trail, completing at OR/WA bridge of Gods.

Starting on 8/22/19 at 6:05 AM, Jameson Clover and I begin our attempt to take the overall FKT of the Oregon PCT. Our support crew brought us to the stateline trailhead in which we tracked back the half mile to the intersection of the Cali/OR pct and started the Garmin inreach (under Jameson’s name) and Jameson started her Coros watch. On the first day, we traveled 70 miles through Ashland and beyond to meet our crew and sleep for a few hours. We woke up the next day and completed a gnarly 59 miles. This took us longer than expected and we didn’t arrive to our crew until 4 am. We slept a few hours and then headed to crater lake for our 3rd day. *of note, we had to take an alternate route to Crater lake (rim lake trail) as the main PCT was closed by forest services due to cougar activity, we returned to the PCT from the rim lake trail markers allowed us to at the end of crater lake. Towards the end of day 3, my adventure partner, Jameson’s foot/shin was extremely swollen and we decided to take day 4 as rest in order to try and heal her. Day 5, we started at 4:00 am and completed the 46 miles together . Following the completion of this section, Jameson’s made the hard decision to pull out as she could barely walk and signed on to be my main support person, amazingly. I continued on alone through Santiam Pass, Jefferson wilderness, Warm Springs wilderness , until Mt hood national forest ( subsequently covering 50 miles for day 6, 47 miles for day 7, 50 miles for day 8 and then another 50 miles to complete at the Bridge of Gods intersection of OR/WA.

I am nothing special, I am not an elite or sponsored athlete. I do train extremely hard and am extremely dedicated to trail running, empowering other athletes, especially women to be brave in pursuit of their dreams despite the outcome. I have never attempted such a huge undertaking but I wanted my message of trying despite the outcome to be heard. The difference between me and others? Is solely that I said yes to an adventure that could have ended in ‘failure’. I can only hope that others can use this an example of what they can be capable of if they try and learn from hard moments.

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