FKT: Danny Gilbert - Second Flatiron (Boulder, CO) - 2017-10-25

Route variation
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
34m 9s

Inspired by Sonia's possible FKT on the 1st this morning I googled “flatirons fkt” and found a page where Tony K said “no serious attempt has been made on the second yet” or something like that. In case we have different definitions of ‘serious’ I made sure not to smile the whole time which probably cost me like 5 seconds because I love Freezeway so this took a lot of focus for me.

There’s a lot of people that can do this faster, and maybe some of them have but I can at least say for sure that a serious attempt was made:

10:51 base 
11:31 Summit 
11:46 out 

34:09 RT

Saw Kyle scouting the route, speaking of guys that can go faster. He’s got bigger things on the brain for now though.

Darren Smith had the only fast time for the 2nd (36:30) that I was aware of, and I was gunning for it when I made my FKT attempt.