FKT: Darci Smith, Martha Slocombe, Jill Kay - West Papio Trail - 2023-04-01

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3h 26m 59s
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Martha Slocombe, Jill Kay, and I (Darci Smith) set out to run the West Papio Trail in Omaha, Nebraska on April 1- no jokes here! After a long winter, we were happy to have a beautiful spring day for our run. Temps were in the 60s and it was sunny for our afternoon on the trail. This trail is an out and back. On the way out, we were met with some wind but it wasn’t too bad. We ran unsupported carrying our water and nutrition. This time of year, there were no publicly available restrooms along the trail. There was one port-a-potty at a local high school near the trail which could be used if we needed. This little-known route is a beautiful run through the heart of Omaha. On our run we encountered other runners (including a famous ultra runner!), bikers, and lots of families playing in the parks. On our way back, we saw baseball games and a track meet in action. It was a great afternoon to hit the trail and see the sights of the city along the way!