FKT: Dave Cockman - Murphy to Manteo (across NC) - 2015-04-18

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14d 11h 28m 0s

I would like to use this post to stake my claim to the Fastest Known Time for a solo "Supported" west to east run across the entire state of North Carolina via the US Highway 64 "Murphy To Manteo" route. I started at exactly 7:59 am on April 4, 2015 and finished 14 days 11 hours and 28 minutes later later on Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, NC at exactly 7:28 pm on April 18, 2015. The final total distance was 667.2 miles according to my Garmin Fenix3 GPS and I averaged 44.48 miles per day.
I am presenting below a copy of each of the GPS tracks from the 15 days of running and also can provide the entire output from my Spot Tracker updates that I carried the entire way. The only time that I was not on foot during the entire journey, was when I had to go off course on 3 separate occasions for resupply, via car and were not tracked via GPS. The entire trip is being documented on my website and also there were real-time updates on the Facebook pages at and also Also, I have more than adequate pictures taken during the run, with timestamps for verification of my speed and direction of travel. If there is anyone who can refute this claim, please feel free
to reply.


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