Route: Murphy to Manteo (across NC)

North Carolina, US

Dave Cockman posted the route:

On April 4, 2015 I plan on running West to East across the entire state of North Carolina, using the "Murphy To Manteo" route. I will start at the western-most point at the Tennessee/NC border, and run east along US highway 64, all the way to the ocean at Nags Head, NC. Along the way there are certain sections I will not be able to run on, due to them being "controlled-access" highway and therefore not allowing pedestrian traffic. For those sections, I have researched the historical route of US-64 in North Carolina on the website to determine where the original routing of the road was, and have made that part of the official "Murphy To Manteo" route. Here is a link to a Google map I have setup, showing my exact route with approximate times:

From what I can tell, know one has ever attempted to run across North Carolina before, using the US 64 route all the way from Tennessee to the ocean at Nags Head. If anyone knows of other completions of this route, please let me know. This will be 100% on asphalt roads or concrete sidewalks.

This will be a totally self-supported run. I will not accept any food or help along the way other than what I can find at existing restaurants, food stores and sleeping facilities along the route. I will also not accept any rides in any vehicle of any type, from the time I start to the time I finish.

This run will also be a fund-raising event for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (a leading veterans charity). I have a dedicated website and Facebook page setup for donations, updates and general information at and at I will be using a Spot tracker during the run for tracking me in real-time, for the entire duration of the run, and the live-tracking link will be on that website.

Please advise if I am missing something important in order for this FKT to be considered legit on this board. Thanks for your time.



Charles Raffensperger commented:

Hey Dave, back in 2010 Matt Jenkins from Boone ran the whole state, west to east, while barefoot. I don't know anything about what specific route he took though.

Here is a blogpost about it:

He also wrote a book about his experience:

Matt is a great guy....good luck on your run - it sounds amazing! I'm actually doing my own little adventure down here in GA starting the same exact day (April 4) where I'm attempting to climb all 35 4000' peaks in GA in one continuous trek. Nowhere near as ambitious as what you are attempting but it will be a huge challenge for me. I might check out your route and if possible swing by late that first week to cheer you is a link to my GB4K site:


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