FKT: David Altabev - Camino de Santiago - Portugal - 2019-04-23

Gender category
Route variation
Porto to Santiago
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6d 22h 36m

Total route ran from Porto to Santiago was 256km according to my Sunnto logs

Day 1: Started at 2.30pm after landing in Porto that morning. Ran 27.6km to Vilarinho -
Day 2: Ran 33km Vilarinho to Barcelos -
Day 3: Ran 37km Barcelos to Ponte de Lima -
Day 4: Ran 3km Ponte de Lima to Tui (Spain) -
Day 5: Ran 33km Tui to Redondela -
Day 6: Ran 32km Redondela to San Antonino -
Day 7: Ran 29km San Antonino to Padron -
Day 8: Ran 26km Padron to Santiago -

It's not a particularly fast run, but since no-ones recorded it here before, I'll take my first ever FKT! :)

Trip report: