FKT: David Altabev - Camino de Santiago - Portugal - 2019-04-23

Route Variation
Porto to Santiago
Start Date (Optional)
Finish Date
Time (duration)
6d 22h 36m

Total route ran from Porto to Santiago was 256km according to my Sunnto logs

Day 1: Started at 2.30pm after landing in Porto that morning. Ran 27.6km to Vilarinho -
Day 2: Ran 33km Vilarinho to Barcelos -
Day 3: Ran 37km Barcelos to Ponte de Lima -
Day 4: Ran 3km Ponte de Lima to Tui (Spain) -
Day 5: Ran 33km Tui to Redondela -
Day 6: Ran 32km Redondela to San Antonino -
Day 7: Ran 29km San Antonino to Padron -
Day 8: Ran 26km Padron to Santiago -

It's not a particularly fast run, but since no-ones recorded it here before, I'll take my first ever FKT! :)

Trip report: