FKT: David Ayala - Sierra High Route (CA) - 2020-08-07

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This High Route through the Sierras that Roper shared is a gift to, and treasure for, our particular slice of culture, both literally and in spirit.  For me, it offered an elixir for potent experience, unavoidable excisive self-reflection, and necessary acute outward observation. 

Alone and unsupported, I safely completed this exquisite route (South to North) in 99.6 very beautiful and felt hours.

Included in this announcement is

  • a photo of me at Tuolumne Meadows (photo by Renee Ayala);
  • a photo of me on the road along Twin Lakes, which I continued running along for absolutely no reason (photo by Hector Ayala).

A report of this excursion -- some detailed facts and take-aways tailored for somebody with an intention of completing the route in under 4 days -- can be found here:

Admin note:  David carried a tracker, and provided the GPX track from it, but chooses to keep the track private out of respect for the adventure of the route.




The only person writing trip reports in LaTeX - such style!

Great write up. Thank you for sharing!

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Amazing write-up, super helpful even for an Aussie in a different landscape. Nice to hear someone aim for a flow state and an aesthetic approach as well as simply a great time.