FKT: David Bone - Dollis Valley Greenwalk (United Kingdom) - 2020-10-15

Route variation
one way
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Total time
1h 11m 27s
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Inspired by Widdy & Tim I went back with a bit of renewed fitness and speed to try Dollis.

We've had a decent amount of rain and a fair bit is soaking the country miles at the beginning. So much so that I even went for the double footed mini Dollis river dunk knowing that the trainers were already waterlogged. With so many races and especially London Cross Country cancelled it was fun getting so muddy and soaked.

From mile 4/5 its all path and small woodland routes which were fine and fast. Another downpour to freshen things up!

Around mile 8 I went through a few hundred metres of ankle deep puddles and my shoe actually came off. Quick stop to fix it back on. So with that and two mini nav errors a clear sub 70 was perhaps doable today.

Going to do this one again for sure.