FKT: David Bone - Peterborough Green Wheel (United Kingdom) - 2020-10-07

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
6h 23m 49s
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I was born in Peterborough and lived in nearby for first 18 years. I had a planned visit to see my Dad for his 74th and this route looked a fabulous idea for me to run and Dad to cycle.

Squeezed between a week of grim wet weather we were blessed with a cool and sunny autumnal day.

For anyone unfamiliar with this part of the world it is called the 'fens' and it is flat (predominantly) farmland. 

This route takes you around the city of Peterborough but never in anything too urban. The Green Wheel is also a cycle route and so most of it is on tarmac ( almost zero trail). Its highly exposed to the elements and on a day like we had it blew you one way and slapped you in the face in the other.

This isn't a route for everyone in my opinion. I loved every second but if you had taken my Dad out of the equation I think pounding these long lonely roads would only have served a purpose for longer mileage road races. Be aware there are also several mile stretches on roads which, although there weren't hundreds of cars, the ones out there were flying and you had little verge to play with. I know plenty of runners who would hate that.

Still I loved the opportunity to run with Dad, to run fast (until I got a bit too fatigued) and to relive some happy memories.

Some great notes from Paul btw. A couple of places where you could of picked up stuff and very grateful for Ferry Meadows toilet info.