FKT: David Carter - Central Wasatch Cross-Canyon Ramble (UT) - 2021-08-21

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11h 38m 55s

This was one of the most enjoyable outings I've had in the Wasatch. It is varied in both terrain and character and travels through some of the most beautiful locations in the range.

I traveled the route solo and carried everything with me. Some parts of the route were quiet, while others were more heavily trafficked (the descent ridge off of Twin Peak east and down Mill B from Lake Blanche in particular). Water was easy to find once up-and-over Twin Peak east, even in late Aug of (the very dry) summer of 2021. I headed out with 2 liters of water and filled up in the hanging drainage just after descending from Superior's summit and again as I headed out from the Mill B North TH.

I took my time on sections of the run and at a couple of breaks. It was particularly hard to rush through the alpine landscape above Lake Blanche and the cool, shady quite of Neff's Spring.