FKT: David Hedges - Bolton Backcountry Round (VT) - 2021-06-02

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 11m 52s

I'm living up at Bolton Valley for the summer, so this was an obvious FKT to go for in my backyard. I knew that the Woodward and Cotton Brook Trails would be too overgrown to run through after rain tomorrow, so I gave it a go this afternoon. A little hot and muggy, but some clouds rolled in, so no problem on that front. The Woodward Trail was especially grown over and schwacky. Lots of prickly plants and many of the blazes were worn out or had fallen down. Both the Woodward and Cotton Brook Trails were not in good shape. But I just followed the GPS breadcrumb track on my watch and it wasn't much of an issue, just tore up my shins some. This route would be most enjoyable in the late fall I would imagine or in the winter on hard-packed trails. In any case, I didn't push very hard on this, so I am quite sure that someone could run this considerably faster, like 30min faster I would think, maybe 45.