Route: Bolton Backcountry Round (VT)

Submitted by astaples89 on Sat, 06/06/2020 - 02:31pm
Vermont, US
18.25 mi
Vertical Gain
4,610 ft

This “round” starts and finishes at the Bolton Valley Resort parking lot. Beginning at the highest base elevation is Vermont, The this loop connects two iconic backcountry trails, Woodward Trail and Cottonbrook Trail, by ways of Little River State Park. Begin by reaching the Vista Summit by any trail to find the Woodward Trail entrance. Descend Woodward trail until it’s terminus at little river state park. Once reaching Little River, the trails are as follows, Stevenson Brook to Dalley Loop to Hedgehog Hill to Cottonbrook road. It is required to use Hedgehog hill to gain Cottonbrook Road and not any earlier cutoffs for a proper round. From Cottonbrook Road begin the climb to Cottonbrook Trail, market again with Blue blazes. Route finding and navigation should be expected. Climb Cottonbrook trail to its end, descend Birch Loop to Bryant Trail and back to the resort parking. 
This loop can be run either direction. Winter and Summer attempts should be specified.
(Editor Note: it's great to state if done in winter or summer, but FKTs are non-seasonal).

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