FKT: David Starley - Cornish Skyline (United Kingdom) - 2023-08-26

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 12m 49s
GPS track(s)

New Cornish Skyline FKT!! 

Solo, unsupported - carried safety kit, 500ml water and some Tesco vegan jelly fruits. Also wearing my 1100 miles repaired trail shoes representing #thegreenrunners.

Took 2 mins 28 seconds off Paul Crease's record which has stood for 3 years, and nearly 7 minutes off my Winter time from January.

Lucky with the weather, thought I might get quite wet but was a nice 12 degrees with a breeze. Not perfect ground conditions due to rain overnight, but dry enough to be very runnable throughout.

Went out hard and suffered on the climb up Beacon Hill but knew I felt bad there last time and pressed on. 2 mins up on my Winter time at Rough Tor, didn't take an optimum line down but kept solid pace on the back end where I lost time in January.

Took the permissive path from the Garrow farm up towards Brown Willy which I think is quicker (I have checked with Freedom Racing and this meets the route criteria), but I did fall when it became boggy and tufty so perhaps not as much of an advantage as I thought. Even managed to get a quick (terrible) selfie at Brown Willy summit.

I pushed up the climb to Brown Willy knowing I lost time there before, then it was just a matter of keeping the legs turning on the final undulating section and gritting my teeth for the uphill finish! (where I asked a tourist to take my photo with the sign).

Mega pleased with that result. Also would have been my grandad's birthday today, so that one was for him :)