Route: Cornish Skyline (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Will Harper-Penrose on Sat, 05/16/2020 - 10:24pm
United Kingdom
16.22 mi
Vertical Gain
2,126 ft

The Cornish Skyline is a 17 mile Fell / Moor route taking in the highest points of Bodmin Moor & Cornwall.

Start / Finish: By TOUCHING the big wooden sign post of the Jamaica Inn!

All Points / Landmarks must be visited (listed if run anti-clockwise):

  • Beacon Hill 369m
  • Black Rock
  • Leskernick Hill 329m
  • Buttern Hill 346m
  • South East boundary of Rough Tor Plantation
  • Showery Tor 385m
  • Little Rough Tor 390m
  • Rough Tor 400m
  • Louden Hill 315m
  • King Arthurs Hall
  • ‘Garrow’ settlement
  • Brown Willy 420m
  • Tolborough Tor 348m

- Submitted by Will Harper-Penrose


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Has anyone attempted this barefoot yet?