FKT: Debbie Livingston - Pachaug Trail (CT) - 2020-10-25

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4h 33m 39s
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On Sunday October 25th I ran the Pachaug Trail east to west. I did this unsupported and even stashed a bike at the end to ride back to my car parked at the start. I should have chosen a different route to ride though as there were many jerks in pickup trucks pressing on the gas as they drive by! There were lots of leaves down on the course but the trails were well marked except for a few road crossings. I took a few photos early on but focused more on running and stopping less in the second 12 miles as time was slipping away. Lots of dirt bikers, horseback riders and hikers on the trail. At the end I chose to run all the way to the oval Pachaug sign instead of stopping at the gate as I feel that is the true end but Ben's first track does not have you do that. A perfect day for a long run!