Route: Pachaug Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
23.5 mi
Vertical Gain
2,500 ft

Ben Nephew posted the route:

The Pachaug Trail runs 24 miles from Green Fall Pond to route 138 in Griswold, CT. It is part of the CT Blue Blazed trail system, and is mostly singletrack with some jeep roads and a few short road crossings. Starting at Green Fall Pond, I ran the trail in 3:46:18 on 1/19/15.

Details on the run:

Debbie Livingston added the Duathlon:  Adding a bike ride onto the Pachaug Trail is a great way to close the loop and not have to spot a car. The trail is an upside down U so the distance from one end of the trail to the other is 1/4 the distance of the whole trail. So after a 24 mile run the ride back to the start can be as short as 7.25 miles and only 400 feet of gain. The ride consists of pavement on busy routes but then turns onto a couple miles of bumpy but relaxed dirt road. I'll leave it up to you to choose your route though. 

GPS Track
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