FKT: Debbie Livingston, Scott Livingston - New England Trail (CT, MA) - 2020-06-20

Route variation
Massachusetts Only
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2d 14h 4m 0s

Earlier this week, Debbie and I completed our NET Adventure. You can see the full report here. Instead of starting at the NH/MA border, we started at the summit of Monadnock. We felt it was appropriate too begin at the summit. The 18 or so (more like 22) miles of the NH Metacomet-Monadnock Trail is not official part of the New England National Scenic Trail, but it makes logical sense that it would be. 

Our official Self-Supported FKT's (so far) no cover the NET Full Trail (MA & CT), and also Connecticut Only and Massachusetts Only. We have to figure out how the route from Monadnock factors in and are unclear if we will push to add this variation. There is some confusion (for us) as there is a separate FKT Route for the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail that includes the NH and MA sections. It stops at the MA/CT border. The NET is supposed to mirror the M-M Trail in MA, but it may be that there are a few deviations. We plan to compare notes (and GPS tracks) with fellow NET End-to-Ender Lee-Stuart Evans. 

Our report covers it all, but in summary, this is an amazing trail and we had an amazing journey covering 242+ miles (including our Connecticut River paddling adventure) in 5d, 11h, 46m. 

Massachusetts and Connecticut were 5d, 4h, 38m

Massachusetts Only was 2d, 14h, 4m

Connecticut Only was 2d, 14h, 38m

We got great support from many in our our preparation and are happy to share what we know with aspiring E2E'ers.