FKT: Dewald van Niekerk - Vredefort Dome 3 Peaks (South Africa) - 2020-10-10

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9h 53m 11s

A group of us from Potch Trail Runners decided to do sections of this together. My friend and I (Dirk Cilliers) planned to do the full route. This was part of our 100km Skyrun training. We started at Berakah 4x4 Adventure Trails at 4:30 am. We were joined by Rassie Fourie and Christian Steyn for the 13km Berakah loop and the 8,8km gravel road to Koedoeslaagte. A good portion of the Berakah section was done in the dark. Berakah is quite technical so be sure to watch your step and be cautious. At Koedoeslaagte we traded Rassie for his wife Michelle. She was doing this section of the run as training for her 65km Skyrun. We also met up with our other friend Elna Moodie. At Koekoeslaagte we did the north section of the Likewaan route before crossing the gravel road into the hills. There we picked-up a section of the Rooikat route to take us to the Koekoe trail. While taking the trail up the mountain beware not to turn off to "Witkop". You will eventually get there once you traverse the ridge. We crossed over to Witkop from the ridge and coming down the mountain we linked up with the last section of the Rooikat trail to cross the gravel road again and finished with the south section of the Likewaan trail. At reception we met up with our second for the Skyrun, Roelof Burger, and one of our other trailies, Johann Olivier for some much-needed snacks. Elna left us at this section and Dirk, Michelle and I took the gravel road to Thabela Thabeng. This was the most mind-numbing section of the run. I got the distance wrong and we ended up running 2km longer. This was also done in the heat of the late morning. At Thabela Thabeng Dirk bailed due to nausea. Michelle and I were left to do the remainder of the run. From Thabela Thabeng reception we turned back in the direction Koedoeslaagte in order to enter the trail 200m down the road to the left. This took us up the peak past the mountain mining cave. If at this stage you still have your headlamp with you it's worth your time to stop and enter the gave. Beware of bats if you are not a fan! We ascended the peak which looks out over the river valley. Coming down the same route we turned left to round the peak and get to the overnight huts. From here we returned to reception and from there we did the final gravel road section back to Berakah. 

This is a good day out if you are looking for varied terrain for training or just an adventure. This can be done unsupported as there are water etc available at the receptions of the various trails. Remember to take R50 entry fee for each trail. At Thabela Thabeng, before taking the road back to Berakah, remember to sign out at reception.