Route: Vredefort Dome 3 Peaks (South Africa)

Submitted by Dewaldvn on Mon, 10/12/2020 - 12:59am
South Africa
61.5 km
Vertical Gain
2,130 m

This is a very scenic trail in the Vredefort Dome (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The Vredefort Dome, situated approximately 120 km south-west of Johannesburg, is a representative part of a larger meteorite impact structure, or astrobleme. Dating back 2,023 million years, it is the oldest astrobleme yet found on Earth. With a radius of 190 km, it is also the largest and the most deeply eroded. Vredefort Dome bears witness to the world’s greatest known single energy release event, which had devastating global effects including, according to some scientists, major evolutionary changes.

You will need to take R150 with you (R50 per venue. Please pay at reception before you start the particular trail)

  • Start at Berakah 4x4.
  • Do the full 13km loop.
  • Take the gravel road to Koedoeslaagte.
  • Do the Likewaan route and link up with the Rooikat section taking you up the mountain (DO NOT turn up the mountain half-way as per the GPX - at approx 28,5km- ...this was a mistake but will give you some nice extra elevation gain if you want! Just carry on with the Koedoe trail;-).
  • Traverse the peak on the Koedoe trail and link up with the last portion of the Likewaan route (next to the river) to return to reception.
  • Take the gravel road to Thabela Thabeng.
  • From Thabela's reception, turn right on the gravel road, and enter the first farm gate to the left (approx 200m down the road).
  • After approx 100m, turn right up the peak (to the mining cave)
  • Summit the peak and descent the summit using the same route.
  • When reaching the foot of the maintain, cross over the fence. You will see one of the overnight huts in from of you.
  • Turn left back to Thabela's reception.
  • Take the gravel road back to Berakah!
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