FKT: Dmitry Kislyuk - Bay Area Two Bridges (CA) - 2020-07-26

Route variation
one way
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 43m 26s
GPS track(s)

Pretty good conditions today and an easy route to follow.

  • 4 gels, 1 handheld collapsable bottle
  • Water fountain break at 15.75mi, ~24mi, and 25.5mi (~2.5 minutes)
  • Maybe 3 medium intersections / lights total, ~15-20 seconds extra (although I ran the Richmond portion early, and it was empty there, might be worse on a weekday)
  • I wasn't sure where the "end" was, and ran to Powell BART station. On the GPX file though, I reached Embarcadero station 3:35:06 into the run.
  • Also have a GPS watch (forerunner 935) as backup, but the iPhone Strava App seemed to be more accurate (closer to other reported distances).

Overall a fun way to spend my 30th birthday!

Note:  I don't have the elasped time to Embarcadero, so I'll just report the slower time to Powell station, which is 0.7 miles farther.