Route: Bay Area Two Bridges (CA)

California, US
30.6 mi

David Von Stroh submitted this ~50km route:

Run the Golden Gate Bridge and the Richmond Bridge in one go, starting from Embarcadero BART and finishing at El Cerrito del Norte BART in the clockwise direction (or reverse).

GPS Track


Very interested in doing this on this coming Sunday March 22.  There would be 2 of us doing it, though, to replace a marathon that was obviously and appropriately canceled due to COVID-19.  We will keep our distance, but we are also both male, so Im not sure what that does to the FKT record stuff.

We would be either un or self supported.

Going to actually give it a go on Wednesday for my Birthday. It wasn't in the cards for 3/22. Can't wait!

Planning to cross Two Bridges tomorrow (self supported), looking forward to exploring more of this area