FKT: Donald Eno - Marston Trail Loop (Baxter State Park, ME) - 2020-08-01

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
3h 58m 12s
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August 1, 2020. This was my first time on these trails. I ran it solo. Even with an early start the weather was still hot and muggy. The run started off nice, beneath a shady forest canopy and a great trail to run on. Windy alongside and over a small stream, the trail worked its way up. I only saw a few other people on the trail. At the foot of the Coe Slide I had hard time finding the trail at first, but then picked may way up the massive rock slab. The scramble at the top was fun and the small summit had a few hikers on to. After stopping for a couple pics I started down the other side. Beautiful trail and great views. Good running here. Took a short side trail to the top of South Brother Mountain and back. The rest of the trail was more great conditions. I skipped the out-and-back to North Brother (which is considerably longer than the side trail to S. Brother). The descent was relatively easy, until just above a large pond, where it steeply switchbacked. The run back to the parking lot was beautiful but uneventful.