FKT: Douglas Schneider - NJ Appalachian Trail (NJ) - 2020-10-01

Route variation
Full NJ AT (72 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
18h 41m 32s
GPS track(s)

Hello all. On 10/1/2020 I completed the Southbound NJ AT with a self supported effort. To complete this, I used 7 drop bags along the route, every 6-8 miles, which i laid out the day prior to the run. They consisted of water (since its been so dry, I was unsure of the availability on the trail) and high calories snacks (mainly reeses peanut butter cups lol)  Unfortunately, the bears helped themselves to the last two drops, and I went the last 26 miles without any calories! ( I am leaving shortly to retrieve the items and look for the ones the bears dragged off). 

I was dropped at the state line trail at approx 9:30 on 9/30/2020, made the 1.2 mile hike to the NJ/NY State Line of the AT and started the attempt at 10:16pm. I have provided a time stamped photo above, since no one joined me to the start. I completed the run at the NJ/PA line at 4:58pm on 10/1/2020 and was witnessed by Brandon Carr and Marisa Bellucci. I believe this to be the FKT for self supported southbound on the NJ section of the AT. 

I fought some serious runners gut from mile 8 through 23, so the effort turned into a little more of a power hike, than a run, but all in all it was a great experience on a beautiful section of trail. I have wandered the AT in NJ my entire life, but never thought I would complete the section, let alone in less than a day. I am happy to join the company of the others before myself that have completed this mentally brutal, yet rewarding and beautiful trail. We are lucky to have access to such an uninterrupted corridor here in NJ.