Route: NJ Appalachian Trail (NJ)

New Jersey, US

The Appalachian Trail runs for about 72 miles through New Jersey.


Just curious....I am considering an FKT on the Virginia section of the AT.  There is currently none listed.  For your one state AT FKT, did you research the times layed down by the recent AT FKT record breakers (Jurek, Meltzer, Stringbean, Lewis, etc.) for that section?   If there is currently no FKT declared for a State section, can any time be registered as an FKT until disputed, or is it incumbent on the FKT seeker to research any possible recorded time that may be faster?  I suppose it depends on whether the full AT record holders tracked their times by State, or if that GPS data is still recorded somewhere?  Thanks for any advice you can give! 

Hey all! Myself, Ricky Vandegrift and Kylie Yang will be attempting a self supported FKT of the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail. We will start around 5am on 8/28 at the New York border and head south to the Pennsylvania border. To set the self supported record, we plan to complete this in under 22 hours 41 minutes and 42 seconds (David Braunlich's current unsupported record). We will provide a link to our Strava data, and a trip report upon completion! 

Update: we made it 44miles before a foot injury started acting up so we decided to call it a day.