FKT: dpwickert - Charleston Peak Loop (NV) - 2012-09-16

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3h 20m 50s

I significantly underestimated how fast this loop could be run. Under great conditions this morning (Sunday, 16 Sep 12), I ran the 17.0 mi loop in 3:20:50. (The 17.0 mi distance is from my Suunto Ambit; my old--now dead--Garmin 305 previously measured the same route at 17.6. I plan to check the distance using the route in TopoFusion once I figure out how to download the GPS data from the Ambit)

This was the first time I ran the loop hard (with a ‘race’ mentality and nutrition) and the results showed. The ascent from Trail Canyon trailhead was 1:48ish (my previous best was 2:03). The Ambit log on the watch shows just over 5000 ft of ascent and descent, which is less than calculated using the TopoFusion climbing analysis DTED.

The Suunto Movescount website is not accepting data from my Moveslink software tonite, so I will upload the Move and GPS files sometime this week. I will include the climb/descent analysis, and saddle splits as well for reference.

I also need to reappraise how fast this loop can be run. I was way off the mark with my previous estimate based on my ‘training’ runs on the loop. There is little question that an elite runner can run this well under 3h, and a world class elite could probably post something under 2:30.

16 Sep 12, Charleston Peak Loop, 3:20:51
Ascent: 5308 ft (Suunto Ambit), 7946 ft (TopoFusion DEM custom algorithm)

GPS Track can be downloaded from:

Trail Canyon TH 0.0 mi 0:00 7751 ft
9331 Saddle 2.0 mi 27:52 9331 ft
10962 Saddle 4.3 mi 1:01:01 10962 ft
Devil's Thumb 6.3 mi 1:23:28 11070 ft
Charleston Pk 8.0 mi 1:48:22 11918 ft
10700 Saddle 12.1 mi 2:27:49 10700 ft
Echo Canyon TH 16.8 mi 3:18:04 7600 ft
Trail Canyon TH 17.1 mi 3:20:51 7751 ft

This is a wonderful loop. Have fun!