FKT: Drew Polasky - Ironstone Loop (PA) - 2021-06-18

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3h 12m 10s
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Decided to try out the new ironstone loop route. Started off well from the Jo Hays Vista parking along the mid state trail. I was not expecting it to be as hot as it was (low 80s when I started), but along the ridgeline the wind made it not to bad. Took a couple of pictures at the overlook at the powerlines. After dropping down to stone valley it got significantly hotter, as the wind died away and the trail went through some overgrown sections, that added to the humidity. The trail was mostly in good shape, though there are some sections that would probably run a little better in the winter months, once the foliage dies back a little. Startled a couple of deer coming up the final climb back to the overlook. Ending going up the mid state trail back up to the Jo Hays vista was rough, but it was a great view from the top.