FKT: Elizabeth Gatherer - River Wey Path (UK) - 2022-04-10

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3h 18m 48s
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As expected with following a river this is a really flat route! In fact the run from the finish to Weybridge train station had almost as much elevation and that was only 1.5 miles!!! It was dry so I wore my road shoes, I could see that this route potentially could be very muddy in the winter. As others have said, it is closed at Guildford so I came onto Shalford Road and crossed over the bridge on High Street where the White house pub is (having run around the car park in the hope I could rejoin the path sooner). Super easy navigation (if there is a river next to you, you're on route!). This is not a technically route at all with it being flat and even terrain, the faster ladies should be able to smash out some awesome times. I was very pleased with my time as I was aiming for 3hrs 30mins so to be more than 10 minutes ahead of schedule was great news (especially as it meant I caught an earlier train home!) I started before lunch so I found I got pretty hungry during the run, I walked at mile 10 and again at mile 15 so that I could eat something.