Route: River Wey Path (UK)

United Kingdom

Trail run along the length of the river Wey in Surrey, from Godalming to where it enters the Thames at Weybridge. This route starts at Borough Bridge in Godalming, which is slightly upstream of the start of the navigable river and is where the path starts to give a continuus route to the river Thames. The route finishes on the banks on the Thames, adjacent to where the Wey enters the Thames, having followed the entire length of the Wey's towpath. This is a slightly longer route than is sometimes used for the Wey Path, but is the longest possible route along the Wey and finishes with a view of the Wey's entry to the Thames rather than finishing at the last lock on the Wey (Thames lock), which is slightly short of the Thames.

This route is mostly north of, but overlaps with, the longer Wey-South route on this site.

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I plan to attempt this route on September 12, 2020