FKT: Elizabeth Gatherer - Westerham-Chartwell Circular (United Kingdom) - 2023-12-13

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56m 13s

Very wet, windy, muddy, leafy route! Lots of fun sploshing through all the mud and wet leaves! Weather meant not too many views today. I did like the random gate in a field with no fence near the end of the route... I would have taken a photo but my hands were only borderline warm enough! You do need to keep an eye on the gpx, I spent a bit of time wandering around a car park at the beginning. After leaving the church, you need to bear left and cross over the road where there is an island crossing. Directly opposite there is some steps which takes you to a narrow footpath with high walls either side, it is easy to miss if you do not know what to look for!

NB: Elapsed time 56:21 and Strava segment for the 'Westerham-Chartwell Circular' is 56:13 so I have submitted the time from Strava.