Route: Westerham-Chartwell Circular (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Michael C on Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:08pm
United Kingdom
8.1 km
Vertical Gain
208 m

Westerham is first recorded as existing in the 9th Century, and has had incredible links to historic figures ever since. Most famous of them all would be Sir Winston Churchill whose seated statue takes centre stage in the middle of The Green. You will find it impossible to miss, and later on this route you will pass his country home of Chartwell House, as photographed. 

Starting (and finishing) at the most reasonably priced public car park in the UK, you will be swiftly taken through the 13th Century St Marys Church passing Winstons memorial, before disappearing down an ancient alleyway and unleashing yourself on the countryside and woodland beyond the River Darent. You will occasionally see large country houses and cross a couple of roads, but mostly you will meander through the beautiful garden of Kent. There are sharp inclines and declines along the way, and all paths are well maintained and signposted. Much of the route follows the green Westerham Trail markers, but not all, so keep your wits about you.