FKT: Ellie Berry - The Leitrim Way - 2022-07-28

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
12h 6m 6s

Got the bus from Leitrim Village at 7:40am up to Manorhamilton, wandered for a little to find the starting sign, before setting off at 9:00am. First section (Manorhamilton - Dowra) is the newest section of trail and it really nice, a few easy climbs and some great views.  Arriving into Dowra the trail south is more a mix of lanes and farmland, and extremely straight as it heads to Drumshanbo down the side of Lough Allen. From Drumshanbo to Leitrim Village is along some really nice quiet canal banks. 

This was technically "self-supported" and not "unsupported" because I bought two ice creams along the way, the weather was absolutely scorching while I was out. My approach was a run/walk mix, taking my time to make sure I finished it in the day as I'm still moving into this ultra world. 

All in all I had a fantastic day out, the trail was gorgeous in the sunshine and met lovely locals along the way.