FKT: Ellie Webb - Douglas County East to West Trail - 2023-12-31

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4h 42m 43s
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Running the entire East to West trail on my winter break may not have been my smartest idea, but it went much better than I expected, even with the mud, ice and snow on the trail. Going for this FKT was my brother's idea that he shared with many of his friends and people from the Runners Roost Lone Tree Run Club. One of the women from run club decided to join my brother for part of it, so the three of us started off at the same time and they very quickly, though not surprisingly, left me behind. I ran the majority of the route by myself and carried my own food and hydration. I was right around Pronghorn Park when I received a text from my brother that he and another runner from run club were turning around to run back to me. When the three of us met up, the other runner kept running in the opposite direction and my brother turned around to ran the last couple of miles with me. I also very briefly ran with my mom and a friend when my brother and I caught up to them and then passed them on the trail.